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The Twisted Barn

Presents "Jack Twisted"

Welcome fated guests…You have arrived at your final destination.


Long ago there were mines scattered across the town that were once filled with prospective miners rushing in to seek their fortune after word got out about the treasures that lie deep within their treacherous caverns. However, one of these miners had an alternative goal. His name was Jack Twisted. He too came to find the riches hidden below however; his greed only seemed to fuel his furious temper.


It is said that strange and horrific sounds could be heard around his homestead that was built on an old forgotten cemetery, enraging the deceased that laid slumbering below. One by one the townspeople started disappearing and speculation that Jack was the cause started to spread across the town. They believed he was aiming to keep the mines and treasure troves to himself.  Only the brave dared to confront him, none of which have ever returned…. Dynamite from a nearby mine had also gone missing, and Jack... well Jack hasn't been seen since... and rumor has it that this old barn was where he kept his victims deep below these basement floors.

3 Experiences to Choose From

Haunted House

Same great Haunted House, 23 years later. A new name, new theme, same great experience. Your group will embark on a self-guided tour of our Twisted Barn. What lurks around the next corner? Guess you'll have to be brave enough to find out!

Automation Only

The Automation Only, No Actor Tour gives you a chance to experience the Twisted Barn with only Jack's mines, booby traps.

& underground fortifications without the distraction from his living dead humans.

Lights On Matinee

This experience is for the not so fearless visitors.


Same great haunted house only this time we have the lights on, and the big scares will play nice and not jump out at you. Great for the little ones!

Pricing and Info

You may purchase tickets online or at the door

This is a high scare haunt, with a focus on loud noises, flashing lights, quick motion props, phobias and gore. Parental discretion advised for all children under the age of 18. Not recommended for children under 12. The matinee does have a lower scare factor, however many of the features in the haunt may still scare small children. All participants will need to read and understand ALL rules prior to entrance of the haunt. Video Recording Surveillance in use on this site.



(Haunted House Full Scare Admission)

  • Sept 30th to October 9th

    • $15.00ea

  • October 14th to October 31st

    • $20.00ea

  • November 3rd to November 5th

    • $15.00ea


(Applies to Sunday Tickets Only)

  • October 9th to November 5th

    • $15.00ea

  • October 15th, 22nd & 29th

    • $15.00ea

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