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The Roller Barn Grand Opening!

The Roller Barn opened its doors for business on June 23rd 1950 after a long grueling 3 months of day and night work in the old barn. It was a success right from the start, providing a popular alternative to watching a movie or going bowling. It appealed to all sorts from young sailors at the Navy base, to local school aged kids in and around Oak Harbor. On opening day, admission and skate rental were entirely free. This free day of skating became a tradition and on Christmas day every year The Roller Barn was open all afternoon for free skating.

Pictured below is Soren and Alice Rasmussen in their snack bar. The sign behind them features Meadowmoor Ice Cream, a brand that no longer exist but was made locally in Standwood Washington.

Isaac Rygg established Meadowmoor Ice Cream in 1921 that also made Cream Rose butter.

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