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Our Projects 

As we come up and complete projects we will be posting them here on this link. 

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Project 1. Acquire the Barn

We are in the final workings with The Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County to acquire the barn. We are not asking for donations. We are asking for community support through the purchase of Save the Roller Barn Goods, attend our events, support our other local business; Toppins Frozen Yogurt and Black Ops Laser Tag and the Underground Retro Arcade (coming to the barn in January) and help us with our kick starter promo with Yearly Skate Passes. With this help and support we can make part one a reality. 

Project 2. Artist and Photographers

In search of amazing photos and artwork.

Would you like to help save the barn? We would love the ideas and creativity of the community. We are seeking artists and photographers that would love to submit drawings, paintings, photos, or any other artwork that contains the barn that we could use to market, print and use to create events for our Save the Roller Barn Campaign.

We will be building a HUGE “Thank You” wall in the main lobby that will highlight supporters of the barn. The best artwork submitted will be highlighted in the center of the wall and approx 10 other entries will be posted around it with the name of the artist that submitted it. All others will be Highlighted as art sponsors with your name forever on the wall of donors.

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Project 3. Kick Starter Campaign

We are kicking off our campaign with Membership sales. We are not accepting straight donations as we want you to get something for what you give. Memberships are a great way to get unlimited skating, discounts on parties and venue rentals as well as entry into our members only skate sessions. We have a huge mountain to climb to achieve our goals, your help can get us there. Click on the Membership page for more details.

Gift of Skate - Want to help but don't want to skate. Help share skating with families that could benefit from your generosity. If you select Gift of Skate in the checkout option of the membership page, we will make sure your gift goes to someone that will enjoy and use your donation. We want to pay it forward for your help in Saving the Roller Barn.

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